“9 Ways to Lose 9 Pounds” featured in The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine- Winter 2016 Issue

If you are looking for quick tips for losing weight in the new year, then look no further. Dr. Keshia Gaines and her team points out 9 ways to shed pounds fast. The helpful list is written Dr. Gaines’s 2016 production assistant, Halima Welch, who has professional experience in the education field.

Losing weight seems to be a challenge, especially around the Christmas holidays. It is never too early to start your New Year’s Diet. Here is a sneak peek at the 9 weight loss secrets.


  1. Replace fatty foods with vegetables
  2. Cut your sugar intake in half
  3. Consume smaller meals (portion sizes)
  4. Exercise often
  5. Limit restaurant eating
  6. Avoid processed foods
  7. Drink more water
  8. Eat healthy desserts
  9. Eat 50% less carbs

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