Achieve your mindfulness with Japan Sound: Meditation & Sleep Zen App

For more than four hundred years, Zen Buddhist monks in Japan had achieved balance and peace of mind through their nature-based music. The effect of this music was regarded with mysterious and mystic powers, due to the degree of mental strength and flexibility that monks showed after years of meditation.  It wasn´t until the last decades of the 20th century, that scientific studies of the brain and sound analysis found the key that related sounds with mental states.

As we know, our brain has two hemispheres, the left and the right. In the left, there are the intellectual and social functions. In the case of law, our emotions and nonverbal aspects are generated there, making the so-called “natural laws”. At the consciousness level, it means that neither side of the brain is dominant. The integration of both hemispheres takes place, with the help of a proper body posture and breathing.

Meditation and Zen music help this integration.

It is about achieving balance and inner and outer well-being. As in environments, sounds can also be ‘toxic’, while others can be good for your health. Sounds are closely related to mental states; a loud alarm in the middle of the night can make us very angry and upset the next day; on the contrary, the pleasant and soft sound of the beach waves makes us sleep deeply.

Unfortunately, we don´t always have the chance to be close to a beach or a stream, except on vacations, and for a short amount of time; but now, we can take all those sounds and music with us, and enjoy them to the fullest with the Japan Sound: Meditation & Sleep app, from Symphonic Garden. Crystal clear sounds in a Japanese intuitive layout, easy to use and configure.

While you hear the sounds of the Japanese koto, drum, or bell, waterfalls, or soft Zen music, the monkey mind madness inside you goes away and leaves space for relaxing stress, calming your anger, or making you sleep soundly after fighting with insomnia. You can also choose to hear white or pink noise in order to focus or to enjoy making activities that you consider boring or repetitive.

The Japan Sound app allows you to:

  • -Mask external noises (traffic, noisy neighbors, etc.) to favor concentration and improve study skills.
  • -Flee from distractions and calm the body and mind.
  • -Induce and improve sleep.

If you practice yoga, tai chi or relaxing exercises, this app with help you to reach that mindfulness state of mind, be more joyful, and watching the half glass of water filled, positively.  The idea is that the user doesn’t hear the same melody in a repeated way, but that the sounds and melodies are going to be played on unsuspected and almost random ways, so it doesn’t cause stress or uncomfortable feeling, and, with this variety, it is possible to reach a relaxed state easily.

If what are you looking for is a fast and reliable way to reach peace of mind and balance, the Japan Sound App is for you.

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