Constipation and Hemorrhoids -What is the Relation

Can hemorrhoids cause constipation?

Hemorrhoids and consumption in the intestinal system to complete the process of digestive operate and consumption of residues cannot be part to the form of waste excreted. Regular conditions, chime is into the intestinal system each day about 500-l000ml.

Can hemorrhoids cause constipation and can it cause hemorrhoids or make the issue worse? I have study many websites and articles about hemorrhoids and they all say, eat more fibers and consume water that is more standard and this will treat your hemorrhoids. Then I have also study in their comments section people saying they have increased their fibers and the issue of hemorrhoids and bowel problems has gotten more intense.

If you need to enhance your fibers to help with your hemorrhoids, issue then you needs to do it gradually. Drink a lot more standard water and a glass of prune juice or cranberry juice, as they are natural laxatives. Then over the next few weeks enhance your fibers intake gradually with natural foods high in fibers.

The use of the intestinal system, there are two, one for consumption, consumption of water and electrolytes, mainly completed in the proximal colon; another operate for the storage operate, mainly in the distal intestinal system. Intestinal can be divided into two steps:

  • feces to the anus to promote, under regular conditions, several times a day, groups of intestinal system mobility, and more occurred in the postprandial (GI Anti-), the feces quickly into the anus, and stimulate an expansion of the anus tympanic injection;
  • Rectal emptying, happens when the anus is full of excrement after it is intended. Defecation motions by the cerebral cortex and low-level lumbosacral backbone of the central regulation. Contraction through the anus, rectal sphincter relaxation, abdominal muscle tissue and diaphragm contract, the manure excrete

Required to maintain regular bum the following conditions:

  • diet and the amount of fiber contained in an appropriate and adequate moisture;
  • patency of the gastrointestinal system, digestive operate, consumption, peristalsis and regular bowels normal
  • The radio, abdominal muscle tissue and diaphragm are enough power to assist in bum disorder in any of the above link can cause bowel irregularity.

Can hemorrhoids cause constipation and what is the relation between bowel irregularity and hemorrhoids?

Constipation and hemorrhoids interactions, connections, hemorrhoids triggered by bowel irregularity, while patients with hemorrhoids can also cause bowel irregularity, but also increase the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Anorectal Medical center, according to experts, the bowel irregularity and hemorrhoids has an inseparable relationship; bowel irregularity can easily lead to the incident of hemorrhoids. Constipation, bm for an extended time, and bursts of defecation, improved stomach stress can also anorectal venous impediment to the passing of your time are vulnerable to hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids, lower rectal mucosa or rectal canal is subcutaneous venous plexus have expanded, varicose, venous congestion triggered by the group. Constipation is often the main cause of hemorrhoids. This is because bowel irregularity, waste dry and oppression of the anus, the rectal submucosal blood vessels straight suffering from oppression, led to impediment return of anorectal venous blood; the same time, bowel irregularity bowel for an extended time, and bursts of defecation, can belly stress improved, more so anorectal venous impediment. Eventually is vulnerable to hemorrhoids. The incident of bowel irregularity can cause hemorrhoids, but hemorrhoids can cause bowels as pain, some patients fear pain during bowels or bowels cannot tolerate the inconvenience, so that waste stay an extended amount of your time in the intestines, which can also cause bowel irregularity or worsen bowel irregularity.

Can hemorrhoids cause constipation and How to prevent bowel irregularity and hemorrhoids caused?

Want to prevent bowel irregularity triggered by hemorrhoids, we usually in addition to actively prevent the incidence of bowel irregularity; the bowel irregularity patients should also be timely to the regular professional hospital for treatment. From bowel irregularity etiology of view, is the main cause of bowel irregularity triggered by slow bowel mobility, fecal water in the intestine triggered by excessive consumption. Therefore, a fundamental treatment of bowel irregularity, we must first restore the regular intestinal peristalsis.

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