How Do Oral Primobolan Tablets Compare To The Injections?

Primobolan, also known as Methenolone is a synthetic steroid with mild anabolic androgenic properties. Its weak anabolic properties make it the best choice for use in cutting cycles. It is available in pills and oil based injection form. While the pills are famous to be effective, there are people who prefer to take injections too. The pill form of Primobolan is called Methenolone Acetate and the injection is called as Methenolone Enanthate.

Why is Primobolan preferred?

Body builders consider testosterone’s anabolic/androgenic ratio as 100/100. While Primobolan has this ratio at 80/50, it is usually stacked with other powerful steroids to get best results. It is also a costly drug and acts slowly too. So, why is it still preferred? These studies show that the reason is that Primobolan has no water retention; no blood pressure issues, no bloating, no acne, no shut down of HPTA and does not have aromatization effect as well. And all this while building a good physique with low calorie diet makes many body builders to prefer Primobolan. One additional thing with Primobolan that cannot be seen with others is that it allows the natural testosterone levels to be recovered.

Dosing pills and injection

The general does for Primobalan pills is to start at 50-100mg per day which can be slowly increased to 100-150mg or 200mg as your body tolerates the dose.

Pills Vs injection

Pill form of Primobolan is preferred before competitions as it does not cause any water retention and there is no aromatization as well. They also help in burning fat very fast. AS the pills get deactivated in the liver upon administration, they can also be directly used on skin to burn fat at all the wrong places. But if remember that pills should never be taken on their own as you may notice loss in strength and muscle. When taken in low doses, Primobolan tablets are not toxic to the liver.

Injection form of Primobolan, also known as Primobolan depot is a mild yet safe steroid among all the other anabolic steroids. With an anabolic/androgenic ration of 88/57, what makes it different is its added extra ester in its structure that controls the release of this hormone. Due to its weak anabolic nature, it is difficult to see a great lean tissue growth. Though it has the ability of protein synthesis and increase red blood cells that help towards muscle growth, they are not as high as compared to other steroids. What make it different is its ability of nitrogen retention and its ability to bind with androgenic receptors that contributes towards having a good catabolic state and lipolysis which make it a good cutting steroid. With good effects on immune system, it has shown good results in AIDS patients also.

While Acetate can be available only through underground labs, getting the injection form is a bit difficult.


These studies show that primobolan pills are more effective than the injection form and hence are much preferred by many people for cutting cycles.

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