How does Modalert work?

A while back I tried Modalert just for the sake of a review and I said that Modalert was certainly effective and impressive for increasing focus and attention but at the same time, I got very curious about how this smart drug actually works. To my surprise there was very little I found about the process of the drug. I was concerned regarding the lack of information there is available on Modalert and not being sure how it affects the brain. So I decided to find out as I am a person who likes to do her research about what I am putting in my body. That’s what you are going to find out in this article, you can find out in depth precisely what and how it appears to affect the neurotransmitters in the brain to bring on such effects. You can find the science about how it works and you can decide your conclusion about Modalert.

What is Modalert?

Modalert is the brand name of the drug Modafinil. So here we need to know what Modafinil is. Well, Modafinil is a medication which is used to promote wakefulness in patients who suffer from narcolepsy, sleep apnea or shift work disorder that unfortunately are required to work on odd timings. Now you might be thinking I am not suffering from any of this disorder so how it is relevant to me, but Modafinil has become better known for its nootropics effects. It has been getting so popular among busy executive office-goers and students, who are comparing it to ‘NZT’ Featured in the movie ‘limitless’ or ‘CPh4’ featured in the movie Lucy. It is safe to use and non-addictive, though some people have gotten allergic to it and have gotten skin rashes. For my part, I experienced a mild headache, which was kind of occasional. But apart from that, I can say it’s very impressive as I was able to finish my task quickly than I used to.

But how does it work? Is the main question here, well let’s find out.

Firstly we need to know the main mechanism of Modafinil (Modalert), it is said to work on the orexin also known as hypocretin increasing the orexin level. Orexin is a Neuropeptide; which is protein-like small molecules that are used by neurons to communicate with each other influencing the activity of the brain and body in specific ways. In simple words, they are responsible for a wide range of brain function like a reward, food intake, metabolism, reproduction, social behaviors, learning, and memory. When you take Modafinil the neurons produce orexin which results in wakefulness and alertness of your brain altering your sleep/wake cycle temporarily.

One of the other ways Modafinil is said to work is by increasing the amount of dopamine in the brain. Now let me tell you that dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with any action we supposing consider as being good or doing good. When you take Modafinil, it appears that it blocks the dopamine ‘transporters’ in the brain which are molecules that act in order to remove dopamine from the synapses structure that permits a neuron to pass a signal to another neuron).This would mean that, like caffeine, Modafinil could make us more focused. This might suggest Modafinil is more useful when you have an ample of things to do.

As I said earlier also that Modafinil also elevates hypothalamic histamine levels, now it plays an important role in the sleep/wake cycle. Similarly, there are many chemicals changes to be considered when taking Modafinil; serotonin which is a chemical responsible for making you feel good by balancing and regulating the mood. Some people have experienced that after taking Modafinil they have felt less emotional or it has improved their mood.

GABA receptors are a class of receptors that respond to the neurotransmitter, the chief inhibitory compound in the mature vertebrate central nervous system. The receptors influence cognition by coordinating with the glutamatergic process. In simple words, they are playing an important role in learning and memory. These can partially account for the vigilance effects of Modafinil. There are many other neurotransmitters to be considered but now you can simply know how Modafinil has been working.

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