Reuben Singh, a Man with Qualities

Reuben Singh is the only investor and Chair of the Reuben Singh Team of 11 Firms, dealing in several industries: Property, forex dealing, retail store, investment raising, development and the soon to be released Wi-Fi and online allowed back-office service’s company to SME’s.

He has dedicated one of his financial commitment companies to focus on ideas started up by young business owners, and is a consultant on Business, offering on the DTI’s Competition Authorities, the Little Firm Authorities and is Chair of the US senate HRH Genesis Imitative.

Reuben Singh’s mom and dad came to Britain from Delhi in the early Nineteen seventies, and ran an excellent Manchester-based company publishing and circulating components, and at the age of 13 he went on buying visits with his mom to the Far Eastern, by age 16, his dad was paying him a wage to run the sales division and at the age of 17 years, in the 6th type in class, he had his own “big idea” and established Skip Mind-set, the first of a series of stores selling style jewelry under his company logo 4U2NV.

Reuben Singh says “I would awaken up at 6am and do my A-level preparation before I went school, after training, I would go right to my store, or when I had more than one store, to work and work there until very delayed and usually I would have four hours’ rest and be working the rest of that period, the first store started out in Goal 1995 and it was so effective that I kept on starting more, about one every two weeks, I had to stop growing, though, for three months while I took my A-level exams”

“It was extreme fun, I do not need much rest, not if I know there is something I have to do in the early morning and I have millions of energy”. And he confesses that he did not overlook normal young activities like buddies, lovers, and events though right at that moment I do not have a sweetheart right at that moment, in fact, the last four years have been business only. However, no, I do not feel I skipped over; I went to all the events when I was at school learning business

Reuben Singh

Actually, he is rather a captivating lad. Birmingham made and meticulously, he shows a in contact with commitment to his exporter mom and dad, who initially came in Britain via Delhi and clearly likes his little sibling, Bobby, 22, now an excellent resort business owner. He refers to about his homes in London, UK, Birmingham and the US, simultaneously lives adoringly on his pact with the mom and dad and says – no matter where we live, our main residence is still my father’s home in Birmingham.

And another amazing function of his the world’s he as Indian as they come individually and culturally, yet he does not work Indian style and refers to at the same breathing he does plan to spend big amount of your energy in Indian soon and that might be extra time of his English passions – property, style or the new Internet-enabled clerical support he provides –, though he still does not know what, where or when he will make to Indian, the only confidence is his desire to spend 50 thousand dollars and an intense dedication to determine an Indian platform, complete with yet another home to add to others all over the world.

He is a serious amritdhari Sikh and matters going to the Fantastic Forehead in Amritsar every wedding, as one of the great points of the natural process of aging and after the gurdwara, I spend two evenings in Delhi having getaway.

Says Reuben Singh, “My company, Skip Mind-set, was my child – my only child, but now I’ve marketed her, and then contributes rather endearingly that I have three Cs in my life: my companies, my vehicles and my outfits and very soon I will have to add a 4th C, a partner though that is not top of my agenda”

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