Reuben Singh: Multi-Millionaire, British Sikh Entrepeneur and CEO of alldayPA

Reuben Singh, CEO of cellphone responding to support alldayPA, describes how he took the company from zero to more than 24,000 customers and 275 employees’ associates by providing a reliable support.

  1. Tell us about your business

AlldayPA services by Reuben Singh cellphone demands more than 24,000 firms across the UK, which range from attorneys, accounting firms, and professional services firms through to veterinarians, physicians and e-commerce firms.

We reaction calls 24/7 and offer a range of services, such as devoted client support collections, consultation reservation, online purchases confirmation and journal control. We likewise have unique services, such as urgent call-out collections for features control firms or managing some very delicate demands non-profit third industry help collections.

Whatever the cellphone answering-related problem a profitable company has, we can help. A client calling a company, which actually comes to us, would never know the difference, so it is likely that you will have talked to a member of my group and never known it!

  1. How did you come up with the idea?

I began my career while learning for my A-levels, when I recognized a women’s fashion brand, Skip Mind-set. I started out my first store in Birmingham and the company increased.

It was this experience, and understanding areas that start-ups and little enterprise proprietor’s face, that motivated me to release the company in 1999. The concept was to give all firms with a separate group of employees to manage any of their calls, but on an on-demand basis only, which I realized there, would be need for as I had been there myself.

  1. Tale the growth story to today.

When we first began, our customers were mostly one-man-bands or little enterprise proprietors who wanted to give the impression that they were larger than they were by having a ‘receptionist’ reaction their mobile phones.

In addition, this was how we promoted ourselves – we assisted firms seem competent and reliable. However, as the gone on, and as customers increased, we noticed there was a sell for such something among SMEs, too.

It is often more cost-effective for such firms to delegate their calls to us, paying only for the calls we manage, rather than pay the earnings of a full-time associate.


The offering by REUBEN SINGH has grown considerably over the years, in reply to the increasing needs of our customers. In order to stand above the bend, we’ve spent considerably in the training of employees to deal with more challenging calls, as the outgoing sales calls the market used to depend on are being substituted for more complicated incoming concerns and purchases.

To date, we have managed over 160 thousand calls and currently have 275 associates of experienced employees, having transferred to new £5 thousand head office in Sanford, Greater Birmingham, in 2015.

  1. is the market hot or not right now.

Telephone responding to is an interesting industry in terms of new newcomers into the market. On a micro stage, it could be relatively simple for someone to spot a gap in the market and set up a basic message-taking support for firms in the local community.

However, when it comes to competitive on a national range, it is an extremely tough market to enter into. It requires a large investment in technology and features, and many employees with an advanced degree of expertise. You could say it is a bit like playing the violin – it is a simple market to learn but a hard one to master.

  1. What difficulties have you overcome?

When Reuben Singh started alldayPA, we high quality error plenty of new businesses do – we thought we needed to have much cash very quickly. We were able to do this, but made the big error of spending too much on marketing and advertising.

At the time, telephone responding to was unprecedented in company so we had to spend many cash on teaching people about the service. Eventually, we had to rebuild and re-finance the company. Fortunately, we had an excellent company structure, so neither the customers nor our employees were straight impacted and the rebuild was quick and well accepted.

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