Traditional medicine has come a long way in the past two centuries. Normally, traditional healing is something that is generally frowned upon in this day and age. However, a constituent of the ‘old ways’ is still quite famous these days, and all for the right reasons!

Rice packs are used to heal and soothe cramped, sore, and injured muscles, via the application of heating and the body adjusting to it. Used all around the globe, Rice packs are generally said to be quite effective (as long as the injury isn’t life threatening). At RicePacks.com, this method is one that is generously cherished.

What is RicePacks.com?

RicePacks.com provides reusable hot pads and reusable ice packs for muscle therapy. Being in the business for more than 30 years, RicePacks excels at providing this niche service. RicePacks started as an individual endeavor by a determined individual who wanted to ease their pain. In the collective process, they realized the booming market and the importance of its very application. The packs and pads are scented, which means that you can get one that you fancy as well!

Categories offered

RicePacks offers a wide variety of packs. Here are a few!

  1. Eye packs

If you’re seriously bothered or concerned with the approaching dark circles, an eye pack is just the product that you need. Hot cold eye masks are used as a beautifying agent and have been scientifically proven to help reduce dark circles beneath the eyes. When you place the eye mask onto your eyes, the temperature of it will stimulate blood flow into that region. Blood flow will help liven the region up and replace the dead cells in that spot.

  1. Back Rice Packs

Back rice packs are likely to be used by elderly individuals who have pain or soreness in their back. This can result due to several factors; however a major candidate here is age itself. At RicePacks.com, you can get the best heating pads for back pains which can help you feel better. Due to the malleable nature of rice, you can also lay down on it without having to worry about adjustment.

  1. Neck rice packs

Neck pain can result from injury or bad posture. To tackle that, you can use neck heat wraps and Neck cold therapy. Due to the delicate nature of the skin on the neck, always ensure that you use the right temperature for your healing.

  1. Small rice packs

Small rice packs can be used for virtually anything, which is why they come in handy if you’re travelling. They are mostly suited for body parts which don’t require as much attention as the aforementioned ones.

  1. Sports sets

Sports set include packs such as upper body ice packs and rice packs which can be hot or cold for sprained ankles. Due to the extreme nature of contact sports, rice packs are absolutely essential. Hence, RicePacks.com caters to this need and provides the best stuff there is!

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