The Best Fruit Fly Traps and How to Get Rid of Fruits Flies

Whatever is leading to the flying insect invasion is probably the food that has been left out to start providing off whiffs of “EWWW” smells to the people annoying little insects. They have super-sonic smelling, so they’ll always know it’s occurring long before you ever do. What can you do to kill fruit flies? We’ve all been there. Fruit flies in the kitchen. Fruit flies in the bathroom. Fruit flies buzzing around everywhere in your home. It’s a frustrating problem that happens to everyone at one time or another. If you are a fresh fruit and produce lover you certainly know what After all.

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Correctly store fruits and vegetables. Refrigerate what you can, make sure none is overripe in the bin you have for storage, don’t let bananas get too overly ripe on your counter and go unattended. Consider storing your fruit in paper handbags to ripen, then use quickly or preserve.

Clean out your trashcan regularly. Not only do the flies like ripening fruit, they like the gunk that is damp in the bottom of a trashcan from a spill.

Clean out your sink regularly. Run some baking soda and vinegar every few days. Run hot water through, chop up a lemon in your disposal, run some ice cubes through your disposal to sharpen the blades (so that they do a better job of trimming up the foods you put down it). Some say that the little fly creatures you get that hang in your drain are a completely different insect when compared to a fruits take a flight, but this technique works regardless of what small winged creature is wreaking havoc with your kitchen.

Check your meal storage often for spills and products which might have escaped and wants to play conceal and seek.

Clean your countertops and floors. This seems a smart choice, really, but little spill that gather on to the floor and on your countertops may also be getting the creatures even though you think you’ve received the fruit set aside and the kitchen sink cleaned up.

Clean your fruit/vegetables. Often, you bring those little gnats in from the store. If it’s produced you want to clean immediately, have a kitchen sink filled with vinegar clean, and clean those fruit and veggies. Contemplate it a regimen to grab your fruit and vegetables first, place them in the kitchen sink, then put the others of your groceries away.

Cover your produce. You will probably find that covering your countertop produce might be necessary. Placing it in a sizable bowl with a well fitting lid at the top might be good. However, this might force fruits to ripen quickly and make chaos if you aren’t quick on spinning through it.

  • If you want to learn how to destroy gnats or other tiny insects soaring in your kitchen or in your house you will need to go through a couple of steps. First fill a little glass or bowl with about 1″ of Apple Cider Vinegar (if you don’t have any ACV, use regular household vinegar and a teaspoon of sugars)
  • Squirt a little dish soap
  • Cover with some plastic material cover and secure with a rubber band. (Not only will this capture the pests, it can help prevent evaporation)
  • Poke some openings in the plastic material and layout on the kitchen counter-top near where in fact the pesky beasts are.
  • The theory behind this is actually the ACV draws in the insects, plus they go set for treasure. The cleaning soap helps bind these to the top of drinking water. But even if indeed they only prepared for going to, getting back again out is nearly impossible.
  • Once your inhabitants have tired itself, clean out the mugs/bowls well and sterilize.

You can even use things such as soar paper, but we’ve discovered that the above-mentioned recipe works really well. And remember, there are dozens of recipes all over the internet on how to trap these creatures, but we’ve found this one works extremely well.

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